Thursday, June 25, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight Console VS PC Graphics Comparison

Batman Arkham Knight was released yesterday, and it is playable both on consoles and PCs; however, the game developers were criticized for the game’s performance issues on PCs. The game has been tested using AMD graphic cards and it was established that, although it’s not flawless when run at 60 frames per second, some new drivers from AMD have made the game’s performance satisfactory for the time being. There is a slight visual difference when you compare the console version of the game to the PC version, and the console version appears more stable as well. In this video a few scenes from both versions of the game have been compared, so you can see how the game looks on the Xbox One and PC on maximum settings.


  1. Where did all the wet clothes effects go? Why does a game with a blatant nVidia partnership have video features only available on consoles with AMD chipsets?