Thursday, June 18, 2015

Canon's pricey PowerShot G3 X compact is all about the zoom

powershot_g3x_1The company has officially taken the wraps off their latest prosumer compact camera and if you’ve been a fan of Canon’s PowerShot series, then perhaps this is worth taking a look at.

The prosumer compact camera scene has been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to efforts from the likes of Fujifilm with the X100T and Sony’s RX-series of compact cameras. Not wanting to be left out of the loop, Canon has brought a new camera to its PowerShot lineup with the PowerShot G3 X and boy it is not cheap with a price tag of $999.99, but let’s just say $1,000.

So what can you get for that kind of money? Well for starters the PowerShot G3 X will feature a 1-inch CMOS 20.2MP sensor. It will also sport a 25x optical zoom lens and will be both dust and water resistant, making it an ideal camera to take on an outdoors trip. There is also built-in WiFi and NFC for photographers who don’t mind the convenience of wireless transfers.

It will sport a tiltable LCD display and a pop-out flash that users can actually adjust to help bounce the flash to create photos that aren’t so harsh in lighting. It will also be powered by Canon’s DIGIC 6 image processor that will help with low lighting conditions, so the lens’s f/2.8-5.6 aperture should not be an issue, hopefully. The Canon PowerShot G3 X is expected to be made available in July of 2015.


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