Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The world's smallest flash drive just got smaller

Flash drives are getting smaller every day – they are now so tiny, losing one is the #1 reason for buying a replacement! We kid, but you won’t believe the size of the latest one that was announced on Monday by SanDisk: UltraFit’s measurements are 0.75 x 0.63 x 0.35, and you can fit 128GB of data in it.

The actual USB connector is much larger than the small storage part, which means that someone with a very thin notebook will easily fit large files onto it without taking up too much space – you will barely notice it sticking out from your computer! You can also use it to expand storage on all systems from your TV to your gaming console.

The downside, of course, is the speed – its read speed is 130 MBs and the writing speed is, of course, much lower.

It isn’t exactly low cost either – this amazing gadget will cost you $119.99. However, UltraFit’s 64GB version is now more than three times cheaper than it was when it hit the market a year ago – the price went down from $109.99 to only $27.99 on Amazon. And the USB offers you much more bang for your buck than upgrading your 128GB MacBook Air to 256GB – for that you’d have to pay 200$.


  1. It's truly fascinating how technology progresses forward. Instead of having to buy one expensive flash drive, I now have to buy ten because I lost the other nine.

  2. It didn't get smaller, the UltraFit always was this size. If anything, it's more dense in terms of storage per volume. Also, you could do with some units (for 0.75 x 0.63 x 0.35)

  3. It's a great USB thumbdrive, but... don't you mean it's "now more than 75% cheaper" or better yet, "now less than 25% the price of a year ago," rather than "more than 300% cheaper"...? That'd mean they're paying you to take it.