Monday, July 6, 2015

These Pixar Movie Moments Are Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Inside Out is a new movie from Pixar (some reviews claim that it feels “like it was designed to impress sensitive adults”), and we all know what happens when Pixar releases a new picture – there are a lot of touching moments, lines that impress you with their poignancy and lines that induce a lot of non-adult tears. It’s okay if you cry – everyone in the movie theater is crying with you! Here are some moments from Pixar that made us all cry inconsolably.

Toy Story – Buzz falls

Pixar has never shied away from showing children uncomfortable truths about growing up, unlike a lot of their competitors. In their first and arguably still best loved theatrical release Toy Story, the main hero Buzz Lightyear sees a commercial on TV that makes him realize he is not an original – he is one of the thousand toys that look alike. He tries to fly in order to prove to himself that his abilities are real, but crashes down painfully – teaching children a valuable lesson, but also making us all weep in the process.

Monsters, Inc. – “Kitty has to go”

In Monsters, Inc. a friendship between a little girl and a big fuzzy blue monster whose job is to scare children is born. Of course, no true friendship is without obstacles, and so Boo must say goodbye to her monster friend with tears in her eyes and open the door behind him. The fact that Boo was voiced by a five-year-old girl, unlike children in other movies who are simply voiced by adults or teens, just makes this scene even more touching.

Finding Nemo – Opening with the barracuda attack

Finding Nemo is pretty depressing, and it doesn’t sugarcoat anything – it doesn’t shy away from showing humans as monsters, it doesn’t shy away from featuring an openly disabled protagonist, Nemo himself, and it doesn’t shy away from showing death. The opening shows a barracuda attack, and the vicious predator eats Nemo’s mom and all his little brothers and sisters. It is possibly the grimmest opening in Pixar history, and very tear-inducing as well.

Up — The saddest moment in the entire movie history…

I clearly remember seeing the movie in the theatre. But, I somehow managed to block out most of the things related to the movie – I’ve no idea whose idea was to see Up, whom I went with, nor when exactly I bought the ticket. As for the movie, it’s an average comedy with balloons and birds in it, anyway.

But those first five minutes of Up, that overview of Carl’s life before and after he met Ellie, up to her death… It is an Oscar worthy scene and one that had me completely surprised and left me in utter disbelief. These things don’t happen in cartoons, right?!

Toy Story 3 — This is the end

I love Toy Story for many reasons; mostly because the cast is always so damn great! Not to mention the story which is everything a kid’s movie should be – nostalgic and thrilling at the same time.

And that scene where all the toys were at the brink of destruction had me virtually at the edge of my seat. I mean, c’mon, it’s a kid’s movie for God’s sake! I could not believe they would melt Woody, but for a brief moment – I wasn’t so sure.

Everything turned out nicely in the end (it’s just a kids movie, after all), but, it had us all worry like crazy for all those talking potato heads! Can’t wait for Toy Story 4!


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