Tuesday, August 11, 2015

13 Abandoned Places Straight Out of a Post-Apocalyptic Movie

These days we seem to have more of a fascination with dystopian, post-apocalyptic stories than ever before. Half of the video games out there seem to be set in an apocalyptic wasteland, and not only is the most popular show on television about a zombie apocalypse, but the Mad Max franchise is even being rebooted next year. The bottom line is, we as a society just love the idea of chaos, anarchy, and desolation, apparently.

Believe it or not there are real world places you can go and visit right now that look like they’re straight out of those video games and movies that we all seem to love so much. These are the places all over the world that were simply forgotten and left to crumble and succumb to years of decay. Here are some amazing photos of deserved locations all around the world.

Disney's River Country

Disney opened River Country in 1976, but it’s been sitting unused and forgotten since 2001.

Nara Dreamland

Inspired by Disney World, Nara Dreamland in Japan was abandoned in 2006 and has been left completely unattended.

Olympic Luge Track

This was the luge track for the 1984 Sarajevo Games, but has been left to rot and be overtaken by nature.

Olympic Ski Jumps

These ski jumps were also used for the Sarajevo Olympics, and have been sitting unused ever since.

Olympic Hotel

One more from Sarajevo, this hotel now sits crumbling like an old building in a Fallout game.

Parisian Railway

This railway in Paris was shut down in 1985 and nature has been reclaiming it every since.

SS Ayrfield

Also known as the “Floating Forest,” this abandoned shipwreck has sprouted, well, a forest on board.

An Italian Mill

This old mill that’s believed to have been constructed in the Middle Ages now sits completely abandoned in this Sorrento, Italy valley.

Asama Volcano Museum

This volcano museum in Japan has been left deserted for a number of years.

Olympic Softball Stadium

This stadium was constructed for the Athens Summer Games of 2004, but has been sitting virtually untouched ever since.

Mallorca Lluis Sitjar Soccer Stadium

This stadium in Spain once sat 18,000 rabid soccer fans, but has been sitting unused and collecting graffiti and overgrowth since 2007.

Exotic Luxury Hotel

This hotel in French Polynesia has been abandoned for more than a decade, and now looks more like a run down set of Jurassic Park.

Smallpox Hospital

This old, abandoned smallpox hospital sits on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan, and like so many other deserted hospitals it’s believed to be haunted.


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