Wednesday, August 5, 2015

13 Incredible Pictures You Won’t Believe Were Done in Pencil

Throughout time, people have produced incredible art. It’s amazing what people can do with various mediums, from oils, to charcoal, and even, amazingly, the simple pencil. While most of us have pencil sketches that result in something along the lines of what a five year old would sneeze out, there are people with other-worldly talent when it comes to putting pencil to paper.

These are the people who can somehow take a regular pencil and a plain sheet of paper and turn in photorealistic pictures of people, places, and other incredible things. These are some of the most incredible, hyper-realistic pencil sketches we’ve ever seen.

Angelina Jolie

This amazing sketch of Angelina Jolie is so lifelike it just tried to adopt three kids from Africa.

Mulder and Scully

The likeness of these two X-Files stars is incredible, but we have to ask where all of that wind is coming from.

This Old Guy

The detail level is amazing here, and puts to shame the stick figure flip books we used to think were so awesome.

This Awkward Encounter

We take solace knowing that this is just a sketch, because if it was real it would have been one of the most uncomfortable scenes we can imagine.

Not an Ice Bucket Challenge

This isn’t a picture of a charity stunt, but a hyper-realistic sketch done all in pencil.

Winter Wonderland

Awesome pencil drawings aren’t confined to just portraits, but also include stunning nature shots like this.

Liv Tyler

Don’t cry, Liv Tyler, you’re not really just a pencil sketch.

Hobbitses are So Lifelike, Precious

See, Liv? We brought some friends from Middle Earth to keep you company.

Cats are Sketches, Too

We heard the internet loves cats, and really, what’s better than a fluffy cat? A fluffy cat that’s a drawing so that it can’t scratch you and give you attitude.

And Here...We...Go…

If they ever do a new animated Batman series, we nominate this artist to take the reins.

It’ll Make Your Head Hurt

Let’s be honest, thinking about how people pull off these amazing 3D sketches makes our brains explode.

The Walken Watch

If you’re a Pulp Fiction fan, you’ll agree with us in hoping this artist didn’t sketch where that watch used to be hidden.

3D Art Goes Berserker

There’s sketching your favorite superheroes, and then there’s taking it to insane levels like this.


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