Monday, September 21, 2015

Man makes guitar that doubles as a functional giant Game Boy

It is not unusual to get a “Why would you do that?” kind of reaction from people if you tell them about an unusual interest or project. The one and only good reply to something like that is “Why, the hell, not?!” This was obviously going through the mind of one Fibbed, who decided on crossing a guitar with a fully operational, massive Game Boy console. This project was featured as part of BitFixGaming forum’s 2015 Game Boy classic building competition.

Fibbed, one of the admins of the forum, presented his creation in a forum post of his, followed by a video detailing the building process and proof of functionality of both guitar and Game Boy.

The core of this interesting contraption is a Raspberry Pi B+ fitted with the RetroPie v2.3, a software used to transform Raspberry Pi into a gaming console for old games.

Aside from that all the regular parts of the guitar are there, as well as a 2200 mAh battery used to power the device and an audio jack for a guitar. There is also a switch which toggles the device between guitar and Game Boy. If you’re interested in the technical particulars of it all, you can read the build log here.


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