Thursday, October 15, 2015

Water Cooling Smartphones Can Boost Performance

Perhaps, some of you have wondered whether there will be any significant performance boost if your smartphone, like iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, HTC One M9 or ZTE Axon, hada water-cooled processor.

Well, here is your answer: a video has been published on XDA Developers website and it is demonstrating whether the iPhone 6S processor could speed up if exposed to different temperatures and how it is performing equipped with water cooling system.

Linus Sebastian from LinusTechTipstested this by putting the smartphones into a plastic bag, and drowning them into a dish with icy cold water. GeekBench 3 was recording the results after ten minutes under water and it’s come up with some interesting results.

Watch the video below to see for yourself just how much difference water cooling your processor can make on some of the flagship smartphones that are currently available to purchase.


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