Saturday, November 28, 2015

The 3RDI Is A Headband With A Camera

The company 3RDiTEK has recently launched a campaign on Indiegogofor their camera-bearing headband device called the 3RDI. It has a very simple, straightforward design, and the developers say they wanted to make a device that would record for you without you needing to “babysit” it. The name 3RDI is a play on words, as the camera sits a little above your eyes on your forehead, like a third eye. The headband looks a bit tiara-like with the camera placed in the middle of it, and it currently only comes in white and black color.

3RDI features an HD autofocus wide view camera, a microphone and a flash unit in the front, and the controls are set on the sides. Tapping the left hand side will take a photo with the flash, while tapping the right hand side will take a photo without the flash. To record a video, you would slide forward on either side, and when you’re done, slide backward on either side to stop recording.

Other features include Bluetooth, internal batteries, the ability to upload your stuff to social media and the 3RDi app.

3RDI has been in development for two years, but the design still needs to be finalized. It doesn’t look as stylish and fashionable as the developers might have wanted, but if you are among the people who “never want to miss a photographable moment”, you might want to check the 3RDI out.


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