Saturday, December 12, 2015

Characters You Never Realized Were Villains

In movies and TV, it's usually pretty clear who the bad guys are: they're the people who always have sinister music playing in the background. There are some villains, however, that fly under the radar. For whatever, these people cause chaos and destruction, but nobody seems to care. These are characters that you never realized were bad guys the whole time.

John Hammond In Jurassic Park

While it might not be true to real life, the film version of Eduardo Saverin isn’t really a victim of anything. In The Social Network, Saverin provides the capital needed for Mark Zuckerberg to form Facebook. After that, all Saverin does is argue with Zuckerberg and give him bad advice. While his firing could be handled better, he does deserve it. The film version of Saverin doesn't provide one helpful idea towards Facebook. All he does was pursue revenue streams that would have hurt the overall product. He isn't a victim of anything but his own greed.

Morpheus In The Matrix

Morpheus claims that he’s trying to save humanity from the evil robots, but his actions are pretty horrifying. The machines are using humans as batteries, and have them connected to a virtual reality so they don’t realize the truth. The thing is, people in The Matrix aren’t actually suffering. The only non-resistance humans that are killed in this movie are killed by Morpheus and his crew. Think about how many families Morpheus destroyed all because he couldn’t handle the fact that there weren’t really any spoons.

Evelyn Carnahan In The Mummy


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