Friday, December 18, 2015

Disappointments Of 2015

January 2015 kicked off with a stunning looking zombie open-world, parkour game, Dying Light. Techland completely re-hashed the zombie, giving it a much needed injection of creativity and innovation. Techland will be releasing a further DLC named The Following in February of 2016.  Further into the year, CD Projekt Red released the multi award-winning The Witcher 3 which stunned the gaming community with its graphics and enriching game play. Bloodborne provided a challenge which a lot of us have failed to experience the last few years. This article is not an attack on the game itself, or the quality of play, just an overview of hyped games that bitterly disappointed us upon release.

2015 has been a stellar year for games, but with every year comes its disappointments of highly hyped games by developers and gamers alike. It’s not only games that become a disappointment but other aspects of the industry too.

We take a look at instances where the industry really left us feeling deflated.


We were supposed to see many big titles come out in the year of 2015, but, unfortunately this did not happen. Titles such as; Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Tom Clancy’s: The Division and Ratchet and Clank. Delays are inevitable in some respects, but what gamers get frustrated with is when the game is delayed for some months and then upon release it’s broken in some form anyway. Or even worse, the developers release half a game! Delays are appropriate if the final product works well, and is not intentionally exploiting gamers for the dollar.

The Big Shooters

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront. All three titan titles that should have really swept the FPS genre. Unfortunately, the hype was there but the punch was not. CoD has become such a regular instalment now, that should we have any expectations of the churn of the titles. More disappointingly, Star Wars: Battlefront had such a legacy, and backing it was greatly expected to blow our minds. It did not. Battlefront was a half made game, with shallow game play and a somewhat insulting season pass. Many players felt very angry with the price of the season pass and the apparent exploitation of Star Wars fans.

Batman: Arkham Knight

As mentioned above this is not an attack on the quality of game play itself, but rather a look at the hype surrounding the release and how it faired upon release. Batman is no exception to this article, the Arkham Knight had the worst PC port of 2015. The issues were so bad that it caused; corrupted files, game-breaking crashes and shoddy performance. The issues were so rife that Warner Bros actually removed the title from Steam to give it the fix it needed, even that didn’t help. It returned on the store, to only still suffer with on-going issues and sub-par performance. We made our own conclusions of how this affects the PC masterace debate. The final instalment of the series was certainly a disappointment on the PC front, it’s an example of how to not port a game to PC.

No more Need for Speed?

I attended EGX with a colleague of mine this year, and the queue for Need for Speed was horrific. The hype surrounding this new installment was astounding and you could feel it among the people queuing for a taste of the game. Players thought that the series was headed back to the good ole’ days of yore, when the game mattered. Although boasting some lovely looking graphics and near car customization, that’s all the game offers. Need for Speed is bumbling along with a flat tyre of late, it certainly needs to live up to its name and give us players a need for the game.

Monster Fails

Firstly, Evolve was a game that was hyped to the brim as the next big multiplayer shooter that gamers have been craving for. It wasn’t. This game was the perfect example of a click-bait title if I ever did see one. Upon release, players quickly learned that the content was appallingly bare, and further to that the developers had the nerve to start charging gamers high prices for the DLCs. Not cool, it was a half-made game.

Godzilla was a monstrosity of a game, whether the specific look it had was intentional it really didn’t work. The graphics looked like something from a PS3 and in no way in par with current gen titles. The game play was shoddy and trying to move Godzilla around was painstakingly annoying. Even though the game allowed you to unlock additional kaiju, unfortunately this did not help in any way.


Konami’s PR team must have aged 20 years after 2015, they have made utter fools of themselves. Whether there are solid facts based on what has been circling around the internet the last few months, there’s no denying they have shot themselves in the foot. We made some theories of our own regarding how the fallout began, but it seems we may never really know. Silent Hills was cancelled much to the pain of gamers across the globe. Second to that, it transpired that Konami were now removing Hideo’s name from the Metal Gear Solid V: TPP game. Well, that didn’t go exactly to plan (see every in-game credit, after EVERY mission) Thirdly, and probably the worst, it was alleged that a Konami Lawyer banned Kojima from attending the Game Awards this year. Konami are a grave disappointment to the industry and it will be interesting to see if the community will actually boycott their titles.

No announcements – The Last Guardian and Crash Bandicoot

PSX was an exciting time and we made some predictions of our own, unfortunately it was a very slim prediction. Many of us have been waiting for a painstakingly long time for The Last Guardian to make its appearance on current gen consoles. Sony have toyed with our emotions since the E3 announcement and we’ve not heard a whisper since. It is worrying, a few of my fellow GamersFTW writers have their concerns, but let us not be negative about such things. We’re positive this is all a ploy to prevent leaks from coming out on the internet, which is fair. The biggest troll in the gaming year was Shawn Layden wearing a Crash Bandicoot t-shirt – what a tease! Every year passes by, and it appears even more unlikely that the Bandicoot will ever grace our gaming libraries again. Although we remain hopeful with every passing year.


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