Monday, December 28, 2015

Homemade DIY 7W Laser Lightsaber Is A Step Closer To The Real Thing

For years have Star Wars enthusiasts all over the world have been trying (with more or less success) to build their very own lightsabers. Finally, Styropyro has made it! You may remember him for creating various laser-based things, such as 40Wlaser shotgun from the beginning ofthe year. If we are to trust the rumors, he’s currently working on – he’s planning a 40W laser bazooka!

For this occasion, however, he used a 7W blue laser for his lightsaber. The weapon is deadly and powerful on its own, but with the added enhancement it’s well equipped to blind anyone wielding the weapon! Styropyro had to use safety goggles to protect his eyes. Even in the video it looks impressive; can’t imagine what the real thing is!

To make his jedi weapon he used a Nichia Gallium (III) Nitride laser. According to the video it’s pretty clear that it’s powerful enough to burn through various home objects and wires! So, for those of you still under the impression of the latest Star Wars sequel, feel free to enjoy this impressive demonstration in the video above.


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