Tuesday, January 31, 2017

James Cameron disputes MythBusters episode about Jack’s death in Titanic

One of the few questions that still needanswering is definitely this – could Rose have saved Jack? For those of you who still do not know what we are talking about, it is about one of the most controversial scenes in an Oscar-winning masterpiece—Titanic. Kate Winslet claims that Rose would probably do everything in her power to save poor Jack and should have; while the famous director—James Cameron has an opposite opinion. He said that the only option for Jack was to die in a freezing water of the Atlantic Ocean.

In a recent interview, James Cameron was asked to discuss a MythBusters episode in which Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have proved that two people can easily float on a wooden door. Cameron himself was a guest on that episode, but the famous duo didn’t make the director change his mind. He still claims that Jack had to die.

“OK, so let’s really play that out,” Cameron told The Daily Beast. “You’re Jack, you’re in water that’s 28 degrees, your brain is starting to get hypothermia. MythBusters asks you to now go take off your life vest, take hers off, swim underneath this thing, attach it in some way that it won’t just wash out two minutes later — which means you’re underwater tying this thing on in 28-degree water, and that’s going to take you five-to-10 minutes, so by the time you come back up you’re already dead. So that wouldn’t work. His best choice was to keep his upper body out of the water and hope to get pulled out by a boat or something before he died.”

As a final remark, Cameron said of Savage and Hyneman, “They’re fun guys and I loved doing that show with them, but they’re full of shit.”

To be honest, Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t wear a life vest, and the MythBusters crew finished the task without swimming under the board. They did have to cut the ropes of Rose’s vest, which would be quite difficult for Leo to do.

Cameron’s final argument to MythBusters’ theory is this: One of the few questions that still needanswering is definitely this – couldRose have saved Jack? For those of you who still do not “I think you guys are missing the point here,” Cameron said on the show. “The script says Jack dies, he has to die. Maybe we screwed up. The board should have been a tiny bit smaller. But the dude’s going down!”

Anyway, check out the MythBusters’ awesome experiment—and Cameron’s shady reaction and decide for yourself.


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